Perimeter insulation for solid floor. [Version ID #95]

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Detail for stand alone, perimeter insulation to edge of ground floor on outer face of external wall. Plinth detail for top of insulation with cill.

Technical description

Section detail. Perimeter floor insulation for solid floor with perimeter/plinth insulation.

Parts list

  • External Perimeter Floor Insulation

    Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) suitable for below ground conditions and for application of render. \ Thickness as external wall insulation. Depth: 600mm below internal floor level or to footings. Tight butt joints. \ Thermal conductivity: 0.033W/m2K. GWP<5.

    BASF \ \ Reference: Styrodur 2800C.

  • Proprietary Render For External Wall Insulation System

    To match render to external insulation if elsewhere on property.

    As EWI insulation system manufacturer.

  • Sill To External Insulation

    Self-finished aluminium to suit 200mm insulation. Smooth finish.

    Contractors choice

  • Lightweight Aggregate Insulation drainage layer

    Lightweight recycled glass aggregate. Depth: as perimeter insulation. width 200mm. \ Thermal conductivity: 0.08W/m2K.

    Misapor (technopor or glapor as alternatives) \ \ MISAPOR

  • Concrete Flag Paving over drainage layer

    Use reclaimed paving where possible. Natural finish to match existing where present. Smooth. Size: to cover drainage layer.

    Contractors choice


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