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  1. Floor insulation to cover joists

    Detail to show application of insulation to an internal floor with shallow or thin joists; with rigid insulation beneath to cover joists and improve airtightness. Applicable for deep suspended internal floors, or ground floors over an undercroft of cellar where the floor is accessible from beneath.

    Target U-value: U-value: 0.2W/m2k.

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  2. Insulation to suspended floor, thin joists, membrane below.

    Detail to show floor insulation, laid between floor joists, to insulate a suspended ground floor. Applicable where the existing joists are not deep enough to accommodate a minimum 200mm of woodfibre installation; or not deep enough to achieve the target U-value for the floor. Additional timber is fixed to bottom of the existing joists to increase their depth and allow the fixing of a breathable membrane to the underside.

    Target values: U-value: 0.28W/m2k

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  3. Insulation to suspended floor, accessible from below.

    Detail for insulation to a suspended timber floor, accessible from below, to increase thermal efficiency and reduce heat loss.

    Target Values U-Value : 0.2W/m2K

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