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  1. EWI corner detail to perpendicular wall, with opening for door

    Detail for external wall insulation system to a perpendicular wall, with an opening for a new door/window. This detail applies where the opening size may be adjusted in order to accommodate the new EWI to the existing wall.

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  2. EWI carrying round internal corner

    Standard detail for external woodfibre wall insulation system carrying round an internal corner.

    Target Values: Psi Value: -0.1977 W/mK

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  3. EWI corner detail - change of material around corner

    Detail of junction between Woodfibre and EPS foam external wall insulation at an external corner; with an appropriate seal detail at junction. EPS external wall insulation to be used where reduced depth insulation required.

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  4. EWI to external corner- standard corner detail

    Standard detail for woodfibre external wall insulation carried around corner.

    Target Values: Psi value: 0.05194 W/mk

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  5. EWI stopping at external corner

    Detail for woodfibre external wall insulation system stopping at the external corner of a perpendicular wall. Capped by a single layer of woodfibre insulation with render over, and sealed at junction with existing wall.

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  6. EWI stopping at internal corner

    Detail for woodfibre external wall insulation stopping at an internal against a perpendicular wall. corner.

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