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  1. EWI with Recessed Plinth and Periscopic Ventilation

    Variation on an external wall insulation detail for periscopic ventilation to a below ground cellar; where the building's internal floor can be insulated to reduce cold bridging through the external wall and below ground. For this reason the EWI to the external wall need not extend below ground level.

    A recessed plinth is to be formed with 180mm perimeter insulation below where the 200mm thick woodfibre EWI stops with a minimum of 300mm above ground level; in order to protect the woodfibre insulation from damp and water ingress. A 20mm step provides a feature course as the EWI carries around the perimeter of the building.

    A ventilation air brick and sleeve is required where existing air-bricks to sub-floor void will be blocked by floor insulation works. Periscopic vent should ensure continued clear air-path to sub-floor, to ensure adequate ventilation. Insulation to suspended timber floor.

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  2. EWI stop at ground for insulated timber floor

    Detail for external wall insulation, with a stop a minimum of 300mm above external ground level. Designed to prevent thermal bridging to zones under an existing floor, in conjunction with an internal insulated suspended timber floor; accessible from above or below.

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